A full service company, FurnacePros services all brands of industrial furnaces, ovens and dryers. We specialize in factory and field upgrade of RTC brand furnace equipment.

Factory Overhaul

We are your primary source for quality service, troubleshooting and replacement parts for all your furnace equipment.

Factory Repair

We rebuild chambers, baffles, cooling water section or other damaged or worn furnace component using either RTC factory original parts or improved versions.

Furnace Upgrades

Upgrade your furnace with a improved cooling system.  Add a multi-sampling moisture or oxygen analyzer system to your RTC furnace.  We will install on your furnace at your facility.

Moving Your Furnace

Call us for instructions and on-site supervision when moving your RTC furnace. Special care should be taken to assure the chambers are not damaged when the equipment is moved.  Larger furnaces must be split and handled in sections.  Upon placement and reassembly in its new location, the furnace and chambers should be leveled and the furnace system recalibrated.

Field Retrofit

We will upgrade, repair and install new or refurbished components on your furnace on-site with factory original or improved components at competitive prices.

Startup Supervision

We will come to your site to provide complete checkout and startup assistance on new or re-commissioned furnace equipment.


We provide training for your operators, maintenance and process engineering staff.  Obtain an updated Reference Manual and Owner's manual including drawings and troubleshooting documentation.

GreenBridge S-615X Furnace Inspection & Service

Furnace Service and Inspection


IBM RTC Furnace Section - After

RTC Furnace Baffle After Overhaul


RTC Furnace Controls Upgrade

Furnace Controls Upgrades


Moving Furnace through removed window on 2nd story

RTC S-1215 Furnace Move


AG-2415 Complete Furnace Overhaul

AG-2415X Furnace Complete
Overhaul and Upgrade


RTC Furnace manuals

RTC Furnace Manuals and
Training Documentation

New Furnaces
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