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About RTC

The RTC Story

Over 30 years ago, Radiant Technology Corporation pioneered the development of short wavelength infrared continuous belt ovens and furnaces.  RTC introduced the first high-temperature infrared furnace capable of operating at 1000C with extremely tight temperature control.  From 1972 to 2006, RTC became the undisputed leader in infrared heating technology and developed precise, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable thermal processing equipment for the photovoltaic, semiconductor processing, electronics packaging and assembly technology industries.

RTC Furnace Features

RTC furnaces were built for long life and efficient thermal processing.  With infrared lamps as the primary heat source, RTC equipment is highly responsive to critical temperature settings  RTC furnaces feature a special nonmetallic “porous muffle” type heating chamber that enhances controlled atmosphere operation, with the additional benefit of a rapid heat up and cool down capability. Oxygen levels in nitrogen, hydrogen or forming gas atmospheres are typically held to 5 ppm or less. RTC's unique gas management system provides an even distribution and well regulated flow of gas throughout the process chambers.

RTC Furnace Applications

RTC developed a variety of oven and furnace models to meet the thermal process requirements for many commercial and industrial applications including:

  • Semiconductor packaging
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Hybrid thick film firing
  • Photovoltaics / Solar Cell production
  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Thin film curing

RTC Innovations

RTC innovations in near infrared heating include:

  • 1st high temperature furnace capable of operating at 1000°C with extremely tight temperature control
  • 1st with non-focused IR for fusing electroplated PCBs
  • 1st with IR furnace capable of 1,000 degrees Celcius
  • 1st with IR furnace for thick film firing
  • 1st controlled atmosphere furnace capable of less than 5 ppm Oxygen
  • 1st furnace manufacturer with pure hydrogen IR furnace
  • 1st furnace manufacturer with motorized chamber lift


In 2006 in response to declining market conditions, Radiant Technology Corporation sold a portion of its business and trademarks to BTU International. Radiant Technology Corporation was renamed GreenBridge Technology Inc. (GBT). GreenBridge Technology's responsibility for warranty and servicing existing customers and products was spun-off to Lochaber Cornwall in its FurnacePros group.  FurnacePros continues to service the RTC installed base of IR continuous belt furnace equipment as well as offer new and used equipment solutions to its customers.

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