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M-100 Tabletop Solder Reflow Production/Lab Oven

M-100 tabletop

The RTC M-100 is a small compact conveyorized oven with a 4.5-inch wide belt that can reduce the time required to process parts using clean efficient infrared heat. Heat is uniform through the heating section. The infrared panel can be raised and lowered above the coveyor for inspection, maintenance or occasional retrieval of parts.

Solid state contols are employed for temperature and speed control. The M-100 has built-in line voltage regulation designed to keep heat output and conveyor speed constant despite fluxuations in line voltage. Designed for solder reflow applications and other precision low temperature drying and curing applications. 

Bake photo resist on silicon wafersCure offset printed marking inks
Cure epoxy potting compoundsCure conformal coatings
Cure nomenclature and legend inks on printed circuit boardsFuse components to pre-tinned or solder paste screen printed hybrid micro-circuits
Fuse plated tin-lead to confuctive areas on printed circuit boardsReflow solder paste or solder preforms on integrated circuits
Cure bonding epoxies or encapsulating epoxies on integrated circuitsDry thick film paste (to remove solvent fumes) on hybrid circuits prior to firing
Cure resist inks on printed circuit boardsProcess heat shrink tubing

Conveyor speed: 1.5 to 15 inches per minute
Heated Length: 1 zone, 23 inches
Max Design Temperature: 300C (572F)
Conveyor width: 4.5 inches
Product Gate Height: 1-3.5 inches adjustable
Voltage: 120 Vac, 2.7 kW, 1-ph 60 Hz, 23.3 A

Size: 48" L x 13.75 W" x 18.5" H (optional extensions may add to length)
Weight:  135 LB

Arrangement Drawingpdf

*FG - Forming Gas must be a non-flammable hydrogen/nitrogen mix (less than 5% hydrogen in nitrogen). 

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