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Sales - Northern California Office

Los Gatos, CA

Applications Engineering:  (714) 935-0302 x250

 Sales - Southern California Office

 Orange, CA

International & Domestic Furnace Sales:  (714) 935-0398

Sales & Project Management:  (714) 935-0302 x250

Service and Upgrades:  (714) 935-0302 x220

Furnace Parts:  (714) 935-0302 x220

Commercial Electrical Supply:  (714) 935-0302 x220 


Mechanical:  (714) 935-0302 x250

Software/IT Lab:  (714) 935-0302 x210


Purchasing:  (714) 935-0302 x230

Manufacturing & Test:  (714) 935-0302 x232

Maps and Directions

 Map of Surrounding Area:  Orange, CA

  Directions: John Wayne Airport to LCI Factory

  Directions: Los Angeles Airport to LCI Factory

Dryer Loaded at FurnaceProsLoading RTC S-615X at FurnacePros


Dryer Loaded at FurnaceProsLoading D-624 Dryer at FurnacePros


FurnacePros Main Offices Orange, CA - Surrounding Area


SNA to FurnaceProsFrom John Wayne Airport


LAX to FurnaceProsFrom LAX

Corporate Offices:

675 North Eckhoff St, Bldg. D
Orange, CA 92868 U.S.A
P: 714.935.0302
Furnace Pros

Current Time
Orange, CA USA:

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 4 PM PST

Furnace Pros

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