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Founded in 1950, BTU International manufactures furnaces for high-yield thermal processing. Based in Belrica, Massachusetts, BTU is wholly-owned subsidiary of Amtech Group.

Lindberg 8-Zone Convection, 6-inch belt

Lindberg 6-inch convection belt furnace

1000C Inconel Muffle furnace
1" throat height (2" if LTCC eductor is removed)
72" Heat, 96" water cooling.
2 Process gases, CDA, Nitrogen, FG* ready.
Ultrasonic Cleaner.
Eductor for LTCC

Footprint:  16 ft L x 24" W x 76"H
Mfg 1992.
(Model 816A6B6D1E8, sn 929412E RGL 12399) ev17-303

*Forming Gas must be a non-flammable hydrogen/nitrogen mix (less than 5% hydrogen in nitrogen).

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