Reference Manuals:

LCI, GreenBridge Technology and RTC Brand furnaces (view inside)

Owners Manuals:

LCI, GreenBridge Technology and RTC brand furnaces (view inside typical manual)

Laboratory Series Near Infrared Furnace Systems (Owner's Manual. Covers RTC Models: LA-304,
LA-306, LF-304, RA-306, RA-316, RF-306 and

LA-306 Operation & Theory (Owner's Manual)

LA-306 Oxygen Analyzer and Sample System

LA-309 Owner's Manual (sample)


New drawings for Upgrades and New and Existing Furnaces

Reprints of Original Drawings for GreenBridge Technology, RTC and LCI FurnacePros furnaces

Component Manuals:

Manuals for Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Continuous Belt Furnace Components



Furnace Software Upgrades and Original Re-installation Software

Furnace Reference ManualsFurnace Reference Manual


Furnace Owner's ManualsOwner's Manuals


Furnace Drawings and SchematicsDrawings and Engineering Datasheets


Manuals for Furnace ComponentsManuals for Specific Furnace Components


Furnace Control SoftwareFurnace Software and Digital Documentation




New Furnaces

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