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About FurnacePros

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LCI FurnacePros supplies equipment, software, upgrades, parts and service for furnaces manufactured by LCI, RTC Radiant Technology Corporation and many others. With a close understanding of these vigorous production and laboratory furnaces, FurnacePros can offer updated furnce control software installed on a managed platform that can significantly extend the life of existing equipment. Because of our lean and efficient business model, we can offer the lowest prices anywhere for equipment and parts of the quality necesssary for long life in a production environment.

We are in a unique position to offer both new and used equipment alternatives for many demanding process requirements.


Most industrial furnaces are built for production applications that require highly repeatable performance temperature profiles from as low as 80 C up to 1250 C in a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen, forming gas, hydrogen, clean dry air or other process gas. On-board sampling system and analyzers can monitor furnace atmosphere conditions achievable below 10 ppmv oxygen. Residence time, ramp-up and cooling rates are controlled by sophisticated PID software operated by modern discrete controllers or on a Windows(tm) based terminal. Most equipment is originally designed for a expected life of better than 30 years become obsolete because of outdated software and electrical systems. Carefully engineered upgrades can often serve to modify the equipment for new applications and/or substantially extend the life, reliability and sustainability of the equipment. Proprietary control systems can be replaced with a modern control system that can be maintained in todays marketplace

The electrics on most furnaces are configurable for installation world-wide, so the furnace can be moved from one location to another often with only a simple re-tap of the inputs to accommodate the new environment (for example 480 Vac, 60 Hz to 380 Vac, 50 Hz).


Radient Technology Corporation (RTC) originally developed and brought industrial infrared furnaces to market in the 1970's. For more than 40 years, RTC built itself into the world leader of conveyor near-infrared furnaces, ovens and dryers for the advanced materials procecessing, brazing and annealing, photovoltaic (solar cell), semiconductor processing, and microelectronics packaging and assembly technology industries.Radiant Technology Corporation, renamed GreenBridge Technology in 2006, spun off its furnace business, including service and replacement parts support, in March 2007. Now Lochaber Cornwall Inc (LCI) is responsible for warranty of your continuous belt furnace equipment.


See our new Technical Support index page for technical notes and installation and troubleshooting documents for getting the most out of your RTC Radiant Technology and LCI FurnacePros infrared furnaces.

Manuals for furnaces purchased through LCI can be found on the LCI furnaces website

Commitment to Quality

Because LCI clearly understands the importance of keeping your furnace equipment well supported, we will move quickly to meet your needs. Our furnace components, supplies and equipment are manufactured to production quality standards If you have any concerns regarding our customer service, please contact our corporate office by email or telephone (949) 218-4996.

Made in USA

New furnaces and used furnace upgrade components are designed and assembled in Orange County, California; Paramount, California; or Phoenix, Arizona. To assure each furnace will deliver high quality production results over a long life, over 85% of the components we use in the manufacture of new furnaces are made in the United States of America. Our OEM IR lamps are manufactured in Oregon USA.

Our furnaces comply with the Buy American Act. The Buy American act requires that a product be manufactured in the U.S. of over 50% U.S. parts to be considered Made in USA for government procurement purposes (48 CFR25 and the Trade Agreements Act at 19 USC par 2501-2582).

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